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Defining an Analysis (FEM Mode)
After you develop your model, you can define an analysis that Creo Simulate can use with the FEA solver you select. The analysis definition that you create indicates the type of analysis you want and tells the FEA solver which loads, constraints, and so forth you want considered. The following is a list of the tasks you complete.
Selecting the analysis type—You need to select the type of analysis—structural, modal, or thermal—that you want to perform.
Defining the analysis conditions—You need to indicate the loads and constraints that you want the FEA solver to consider for the run. For modal analysis, you need to indicate the modes and frequency range you want to solve for.
For some models and in some situations, you may be primarily interested in generating a mesh to use with an offline solver rather than running an FEM analysis within Creo Simulate. In this case, you do not need to define an analysis.