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FEM Analyses
To define a FEM analysis, click Home > Analyses. The Analyses dialog box opens. You can create and modify a FEM analysis using the following buttons:
New—Defines a new analysis. If you select this command, the Analysis Definition dialog box opens. This dialog box changes depending on whether you are specifying a structural or modal analysis in structure mode. In thermal mode you can only define a thermal analysis.
Edit—Modifies an existing analysis. Select the analysis you want to edit and click the Edit button. The Analysis Definition dialog box for that analysis appears. You use this dialog box to redefine the analysis.
Copy—Copies an existing analysis with a new name that indicates which analysis it is a copy of. You can then modify the copied analysis using the Edit button. This function proves useful if you plan to run a number of analyses that have only minor differences.
Delete—Deletes an existing analysis.