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Master Catalog (MCAT) Files
The Master Catalog (MCAT) files are comma separated files (.csv) that store all of the piping design data required for pipe modeling. The following image shows the contents of the Master Catalog (master_catalog) directory:
The following table lists each Spec-Driven Piping Master Catalog file and its information type:
Master Catalog (MCAT) File
Information Type
Contains all bend files.
Contains all bend machine files.
Contains fitting master catalog files.
Contains insulation data files for pipes and fittings.
Contains all miter files.
Contains pipe master catalog files.
This file defines combined size codes for pipes and fittings of various combinations of sizes.
This file defines the colors that can be applied to pipelines.
This file defines the material classification code and the material description for all types of bolts and nuts.
This file controls the compatibility for mating end types.
This file lists all the available pipe, fitting and insulation master catalog files available in the catalog.
* The location of the MCAT files is controlled by defining the directory path for configuration option piping_mcat_dir.