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Combined Size Code File
Default Path
<Creo load point>/text/piping_data/master_catalog/combined_size_code.csv
The combined size code file defines combined size codes for pipes and fittings of various combinations of sizes. You can use the combined size code to define the stock number format for pipes and fittings that represent all combinations of sizes.
The Combined Size Code file format is described in the next table.
Field Name
Size of the pipe or the inlet size of the fitting
New size or the outlet size of the fitting
Branch size or branch let size of the fitting
Combined size code that represents a combination of sizes
Spec-Driven Piping, by default, uses the size code specified in the default combined size code file for all the pipes and fittings.
Tip: Defining Size Codes
Spec-Driven Piping uses the following rules to assign size codes while defining the material classification code format and the stock number format for pipes, fittings, and assembly fitting records in the Auto-Selection files:
The combined size code defined in SIZE_CODE_FILE that is specified in the Piping Master Catalog Directory file is used to represent keyword COMBINED_SIZE_CODE.
The size code defined in the Piping Master Catalog Directory file is used to represent keywords such as SIZE_CODE, NSIZE_CODE, and BSIZE_CODE.