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Setting Up Piping Library
Setting Up Spec-Driven Piping
Spec-Driven Piping allows you to design complex piping systems based on piping specifications. In order to design these piping systems, you must first set up Spec-Driven Piping. Piping design has a sample specification driven database that can be used as a foundation for company-specific requirements. You can use the Setup group to perform the following setup procedures:
Spec DB—Allows you to set up the piping Specification Database Project Data files. The Spec-Driven Piping Specification Database contains Master Catalog (MCAT), Project Data, and Fitting Library files. Spec-Driven Piping includes populated MCAT and Fitting Library files for immediate use. However, you must define the Project Data files for each piping project before beginning pipe system modeling.
Design Rules—Allows you to add or change the Design Rule parameters.
Bend Table—Lets you define or modify bend tables.
Update Model—Allows you to update the active assembly in the current piping model with piping data changes made to the specification files (Project Data files), the MCAT files, or both. You can also modify line stocks and update the current piping model to reflect the changes.
Setting Up Non Spec-Driven Piping
You set up non specification-driven piping by adding and modifying various parameters. Piping provides the following parameters:
Line Stock Parameters—Enable you to modify the line stock data.
Pipeline Parameters—Allow you to modify pipelines.
Bend Parameters—Enable you to change bend tables.
Design Rule Parameters—Allow you to change the design rules.