To Save Tools
1. Click the Wrkcell tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Click Turret. The TURRET MANAGER dialog box opens.
3. Click to open the tool manager environment.
4. Click the Tool Setup check box. The TOOL SETUP dialog box opens.
5. Select a tool. Edit the tool parameters as desired.
6. Click Tool > Save.
The tool is stored in the tools library, if it is set, or in your current working directory, in a file named <tool_id>.tpm. The tool can be used in any manufacturing model.
Prior to Release 12.0, the default extension for the tool parameter files was .tprm. Old files with this extension are recognized by the system as tool parameter files, and they are retrievable. Whenever a tool parameter file is stored, however, it has the .tpm extension.