Tool Types
There are six types of tools available. Each tool type can be selected using the Tool Type menu located in the TURRET MANAGER dialog box. The following tools are available:
Tool Type
Use to contour laser or flame NC sequences
Use for Nibble Edge, Nibble Area, Shear, and Point Punch NC sequences.
Define tools automatically for Form NC sequences. At the time you define the form feature, you have an option to specify a tool name; this name then appears as the tool name in turret tables, manufacturing information. In order to supply the tool name, you must define a coordinate system, which is used as a punch location. You must create this coordinate system in the form reference part prior to the definition of the form feature.
Use for Punch UDF NC sequences only. A Punch or Notch feature section automatically defines punch type tools.
Use to design a Solid Punch tool in part mode for custom applications.
Use for Shear NC sequences only. The Shear tool has a zero width and is a straight line whose length is defined by the Tool Length parameter. The dimension of the tool along the z-axis of the workpiece is specified by the Tool Height parameter.