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About Turret Manager
The TURRET MANAGER controls tools and stations of a sheet metal manufacturing workcell. To define a workcell turret, you must first create stations and then add tools to the stations.
You can access the TURRET MANAGER by clicking Wrkcell > Turret in the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box. Options in the TURRET MANAGER dialog box perform the following general functions.
Switch the Turret Manager dialog box between the tool and station manager environments.
Create a new station or open the TOOL SETUP dialog box.
Create a new station or tool by copying the selected item.
Delete a station or tool.
Retrieve information on stations or tools.
Customize the list of stations or tools in the dialog box.
Additional TURRET MANAGER functions include the following:
Tool Setup—Activate the TOOL SETUP dialog box for creating new tools.
Tool Section—Display the cross-section of the currently selected tool.