Tool Parameters
Each tool has a corresponding set of parameters, listed in the TOOL SETUP dialog box, which define its geometry. The tool schematic shows the form and dimensions of the tool. Click Show to display the tool. The following parameters are available:
Some parameters are not available for specific tools.
Corner Radius—The corner radius of the tool. The default tool section has a rectangular shape defined by the Tool Width and Tool Length parameters. A Corner Radius value that is less than both Tool Width/2 and Tool Length/2, will generate a tool that has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. A Corner Radius value that is equal to the Tool Width/2 with Tool Width lesser than the Tool Length, will generate an obround.
Tool Length—The length of the tool along the x-axis, or along the edge for Nibble Edge NC sequences.
Tool Width—The width of the tool along the y-axis, or normal to the edge for Nibble Edge NC sequences.
Tool Height—The height of the tool along the z-axis of the workpiece coordinate system.
Units—The units of the tool. Inch, foot, millimeter, and centimeter units are available.
Comment—Optional comments. A text string stored with the tool parameters. This text is for information only.
Name—The tool’s name. The tool parameters are stored in the file <tool_name>.tpm, which is used throughout the manufacturing process to identify the tool uniquely. The name must be less than 32 alpha numeric characters long.
Type—The type of tool. Standard Punch, UDF Punch, Form, Shear, Contour, and Solid Punch tools are available.
Station—The tool location in the turret.
Indexability—Specifies if the tool is indexable.
Holder Size—Specifies the radius of the tool holder.