About Tool Setup
During a typical manufacturing session, the operator selects specific tools to create the product. The tools are placed in a machine turret and are subsequently used during the NC sequence. In Creo NC Sheetmetal, similarly, tools must be selected and loaded into a turret before an NC sequence is possible.
Each workcell has an associated turret, which can be configured with a variety of tools. Tools are created, edited, and selected using the TURRET MANAGER dialog box. The TURRET MANAGER allows you to setup tools and tool stations. You can access the TURRET MANAGER dialog box by selecting Turret from the Workcell tabbed page. Click the Tool Setup check box to open the TOOL SETUP dialog box.
The TOOL SETUP dialog box contains different types of tools used in the NC sequence. Additional Tool Setup functions include the following:
Retrieve—Retrieve a tool parameter file.
Save—Save a tool parameter file.
Create—Create a tool.