To Export a Part or Assembly to CATIA V5
1. Open a part or an assembly and click File > Save As > Save a Copy. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.
2. In the Type box, select CATIA V5 CATPart (*.CATPart) or CATIA V5 CATProduct (*.CATProduct). The existing model name without the extension appears in the File name box.
3. Accept the default name or type a new name for the model in the File name box.
4. Click Options. The CATIA V5 Export Profile Settings export profile editor opens.
5. Click Load Profile and select a stored CATIA V5 export profile from the profiles directory or customize the export settings in CATIA V5 Export Profile Settings.
6. Click OK in CATIA V5 Export Profile Settings.
7. Click OK in the Save a Copy dialog box to export the model or select the Customize Export check box before you click OK to select layers and a coordinate system for the exported model.
If you selected the Customize Export check box, the Export CATIA V5 dialog box opens.
8. To customize the export of layers, click Customize layers. The Choose Layers dialog box opens.
In the Export Status column, select Isolate, Show, Blank, Skip, or Ignore to set the layer export status.
Click OK.
9. To include quilts in the export, click Quilts and select quilts from the graphics window or the Model Tree. Alternatively, select them from the box.
10. Under Coordinate system, click to change the coordinate system from Default. The GET COORD S menu opens.
11. Click a coordinate system in the graphics window or in the Model Tree and click OK.
12. Click Export in the Export CATIA V5 dialog box. The part or the assembly model is exported to CATIA V5 using the settings of the export profile and the layers, quilts, and coordinate system selected in the Export CATIA V5 dialog box.