About Exporting Creo Files to CATIA V5
You require the Creo CATIA V5 Collaboration license to export part and assembly models to CATIA V5. You can export Creo part and assembly files to the following CATIA V5 file formats:
CATPart (*.CATPart)
CATProduct (*.CATProduct)
You can export files to CATIA V5 revisions 25 to 30. By default, only boundary representations are exported to CATIA V5; however, you can also export the facet geometry. Part models and part components of assemblies containing multiple solid bodies are exported to CATIA V5 as multibody CATParts and components.
Because CATIA V5 CGR files only progressed to version 19 in the native CATIA V5 application, all CATIA V5 CGR data is exported to version 19, which is the only export version available in the CATIA V5 CGR Export Profile Settings dialog box.
You can include CGR data in the exported CATPart files using an optional option as separate display representation of the exported geometry.
You can set the following model preferences on the CATIA V5 Export Profile Settings dialog box:
As Is—By default, BREP geometry is exported as BREP and Facet Geometry as Facets in a single representation. CGR display data is not included in the exported CATPart files.
As Is and Tessellated—Exports a tessellated representation of all geometry, that is BREP and facets. The CGR data is embedded in the exported CATPart. The tessellation must be created from display tessellation in Creo.
When you export assemblies to CATIA V5, the colors assigned to the part and assembly components of the sub-assemblies are exported. The colors of the sub-assembly part and assembly components are stored in the top-level assemblies.
When Creo parts with multiple bodies are exported to CATIA V5, materials are exported as body-level assignments. If a body in the Creo part is set to Follow Master <material>, the master material is directly assigned to the exported body of the CATPart. If the body is explicitly assigned a material, the exported body in the CATPart has the same material assignment. For the calculation of mass properties, the material explicitly assigned to a body over-rides the master material of the part.
You can create and use export profiles for the transfer of part and assembly models to the CATIA V5 and CATIA V5 CGR formats. You can use the CATIA V5 Export Profile Settings and the CATIA V5 CGR Export Profile Settings profile editors to edit existing export profiles or create export profiles that are specific to the CATIA V5 and the V5 CGR formats, at the start of the session or at runtime, after you begin the export.