About Importing CATIA V5 Models
The File Open dialog box provides the Open and the Import options with Open set as the default for CATIA V5 part and assembly models. You can, therefore, open CATPart and CATProduct files as non-Creo models by default in Creo. You must explicitly select the Import option on the File Open dialog box to import CATIA V5 part and assembly models to Creo.
You can import the following CATIA V5 files:
CATPart (*.CATPart)
CATProduct (*.CATProduct)
CATProduct assembly structures with components of model types such as CATProduct, CATPart, CGR, and CATIA V4 .model format.
You can insert CATPart and CATIA V5 CGR part models in existing Creo parts as imported features and assemble CATPart and CGR part models as part components of assemblies. You can import CATProduct assemblies that contain part components that belong to different sources. For example, an assembly can include CATParts and CGR parts or CATIA V4 parts and CATIA V5 parts.
The following entities are transferred to Creo when you import or open CATPart and CATProduct files in Creo:
Solid and surface BREP geometry from .CATPart files.
Facet geometry contained in the CATIA V5 CGR part models.
Datum entities such as curves, points, axes, planes, and coordinate systems.
Metadata such as the model-level attribute value pairs, RGB primary colors, and transparency.
Material assigned at the part and body level.
CATIA V5 facets are imported as exact geometry by default. CATPart and CGR models containing multiple solid bodies that exist in the part models or the part components of CATProduct assemblies are imported to Creo. You can also insert the CATPart and CGR parts containing multiple solid bodies in existing Creo parts as imported features. Materials assigned to the CATParts and the solid bodies of CATParts are imported and assigned to the imported models. The material definition imported to Creo includes the material properties of name and density that are assigned to the CATParts and the solid bodies of CATParts.
Creo supports imports from CATIA V5 revisions 10 to 27 with file names up to 80 characters long. You can create and use import profiles that are specific to the CATIA V5 file format for the import, append, and assemble tasks. Import log files are automatically generated in the working directory. CATIA V5 supports Associative Topology Bus (ATB). For more information on ATB, see the Help on Associative Topology Bus.