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About Handling Component Failure When Exporting Large Assemblies
When the export of large assemblies to CATIA V5 fails, you can check the export log file to determine the reasons for the failure.
The reasons for the failure of the export are as follows:
One or more components failed to export to CATIA V5.
The export was timed out when the export process exceeded the time limit to complete.
The log file records the details of the export of the individual components of the assemblies to CATIA V5. The details include entries for the start and completion of the export of each component. If the assembly export was incomplete when the export process was timed out, the log file only includes the start entry for components whose export is incomplete. The log file can, therefore, help you to identify and retrieve components that failed to export to CATIA V5.
When several components fail, you can use Creo Distributed Batch to recover and repair the failed components as follows:
Read the export log file and identify the failing components.
Replace the failed components with empty CATPart models.
Retrieve the relevant component models in session.
Replace the empty CATPart models with the retrieved components.
Resume the export of the assemblies.