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About Sections for Surface Conversion in IDD
When you convert surfaces to a revolved or an extruded procedural node, a default section is created which defines the converted surface set. You can modify this default section in an unlimited way. You can modify dimensions, add fillets, or even delete the entire default section and sketch a completely new one. The converted surface geometry is updated according to the modified section.
A default sketch plane orientation is set when the converted surface set is created. When modifying the section, you can select a new sketch orientation reference. This orientation reference works differently than a standard section sketch orientation reference. You can select only datum points, vertices, or surface points. For a revolved conversion, the sketch plane passes through the axis of revolution and the selected sketch orientation reference. For an extruded conversion, the sketch plane remains parallel to the original but passes through the selected sketch orientation reference.
IDD does not remember the sketched sections. When you modify a procedural node, the shape of the section remains the same as the one you modified during initial conversion, but IDD creates the dimension scheme or sketcher constraints again.