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To Remove Surface Sets Using the Close Tool
1. Select one or more surfaces or surface sets in the graphics window or on the Geometry and Topology Structure (GTS) Tree. The surfaces must belong to the same base-node branch.
2. Click Heal > Close. The IDD Close Tool tab opens.
The surfaces or surface sets that you selected are added to the collector in the References tab.
3. If required, click References and click Details beside the collector in References. The Surface Sets dialog box opens. You can construct a loop boundary set or a seed and boundary set, or exclude surfaces from surface sets using the Surface Sets dialog box.
4. If required, you can also remove items from the collector in References. To remove an item, select the item in the collector, right-click, and click Remove.
5. If required, click the Options tab to view the excluded surfaces and additional configurations. You can collect contours to remove from the selected multi-contour surfaces. Click the collector in the Options tab to activate it and add or delete references. Click Next and Previous to view the next possible configuration or the previous configuration, respectively.
A preview of the import feature when the selected surfaces or surface sets are removed is displayed in the graphics window.
6. Click on the IDD Close Tool tab. IDD removes the selected surfaces or surface sets and extends, intersects, and trims the neighboring surfaces of the selected surfaces or surface sets in the import feature to fill the void that is left behind. Two-sided edges are created at the new surface boundaries.
For the Close operation to be successful, each surface or surface set must share a closed boundary with the quilt defined by the base-node branch, that is, one-sided edges must not exist in the outer boundary defined by the surface or surface sets.
A Close operation is treated as a single operation. If you have many surface or surface set selected for Close and one of the surface or surface sets fails removal, none of the selected surfaces or surface sets are removed.