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About Origin Manipulation for Surface Conversion in IDD
You can change the default location and orientation of the converted surfaces. You can do this in the graphics window by using the standard drag handle or on the surface conversion tab by using the Tweak Direction tab. This is most helpful when the surfaces selected for conversion do not exactly match the shape of the conversion type and the origin of the converted surfaces does not quite match your requirement.
Changes made using the drag handle are reflected in the offset values displayed in the Tweak Direction tab. The Tweak Direction tab represents the origin in terms of linear and angular offsets from the default model coordinate system. If required, you may choose a different reference coordinate system to offset the converted surfaces with respect to a user-defined coordinate system.
The Tweak Direction tab allows you to specify increments for modifying the linear and angular offset values, but these only apply to the up-down arrows next to the offset value input fields, not the handle.
If the Compute option is selected, IDD resets the origin point based on the geometry selected for conversion and the orientation reference.