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About Import DataDoctor in Creo Parametric
The Creo Parametric Import DataDoctor module enables you to repair and modify imported 3D geometry data using both automated and manual tools. You can analyze the imported geometry to identify defects and problem geometry and evaluate surface and curve deviations. You can then identify and address unsatisfied topological connections and tangency conditions, and close gaps and slivers.
You can modify the geometry of the imported features using geometry editing and feature modification tools to move vertices, replace surface boundaries and one-sided edges, and merge and split curves, edges and wireframes. You can then select and convert analytical surfaces to free-form surfaces and regular surfaces to analytical surfaces such as extrusions, revolves, planes, and cylinders.
Import DataDoctor is task-based. It enables you to perform the following tasks:
Analyze geometry to identify defects and evaluate the curvature of surfaces as well as curve and surface deviations.
Change the topological structure of the imported geometry on the GTS Tree.
Add and remove tangency constraints to wireframes, define gaps and slivers, and freeze surfaces.
Repair problem geometry with or without surface parameterization and fill boundary loops.
Modify surfaces, edges, and curves. Manipulate the design intent of the imported data, including the conversion of regular surfaces to procedural surfaces and non-analytic geometry to analytic geometry. Merge two or more contiguous curves into a single curve or split a curve into two. Transform quilts representing design elements such as holes or bosses or remove quilts representing design elements such as round surfaces. IDD maintains the continuity of the imported quilts when you manipulate the design intent.
Create sketched and UV-curves, boundary blend surfaces, and datum entities such as points, planes, axes, and coordinate systems.
For the body of this help system, you will see Import DataDoctor referred to as IDD.