To Create a Sketched Curve
1. Click Create > Sketched Curve on the Import DataDoctor ribbon tab. The Sketch dialog box opens with the Placement tab selected by default.
2. Specify the following options on the Placement tab:
Sketch Plane collector—Select a surface or a datum plane to be used as the sketching plane.
Sketch Orientation—Before you can sketch the datum curve you must orient the sketching plane so that it is normal to the surface or the datum plane. This section of the dialog box contains the following options:
Flip—Switches the sketch orientation between the two sides of the sketch plane
Reference Plane collector— Select a reference such as a surface, plane, or edge to define the view orientation.
Orientation—Specify an orientation type.
3. Click Sketch. The Sketcher window and the References dialog box open.
4. Click Close in the References dialog box if the Reference status shows Fully Placed. However, if the Reference status shows Partially Placed or Not Placed, select the required references in the Sketcher window and close the References dialog box.
5. Use the tools in the Sketcher window to create the datum curve.
6. Click on the Sketcher toolbar to quit Sketcher. A new datum node is created on the GTS Tree and the curve appears in the graphics window. The curve created is non-parametric, that is, you cannot redefine the curve.