To Create a UV-Curve by Intersection
1. Select a surface in the graphics window or on the GTS tree. This surface is the primary reference.
2. Click the arrow next to UV-Curves on the Create tab and click UV-Curve by Intersection. The UV-Curve By Intersection tab opens and the selected surface or datum plane is added to the Surface collector.
3. Select a surface or a datum plane that intersects the surface or the datum plane that you selected as the primary reference.
You can select two intersecting surfaces as references. However, you cannot select two intersecting datum planes.
The first reference selected, that is, the reference that is listed first in the selection bin before activating the UV-Curve by Intersection option is the primary surface reference that the curve is created on. If you want to create a curve on a surface by intersecting a plane, you must select the surface and then the plane.
You cannot remove or change the primary reference in the Surface collector. To change the primary reference quit the UV-Curve by Intersection tool, select another primary reference, and enter the tool again.
4. Click on the UV-Curve By Intersection tab to create the curve at the intersection of the selected references.