About Curve Operations
Curve operations in IDD apply to the following objects:
3D splines
The commands to perform curve operations are available on the Edit tab in Import DataDoctor and are as follows:
Modify shape ( Modify)—You can modify the shape of a curve by tweaking its control polygon or by modifying its interpolation points.
Merge contiguous curves ( Merge Curves)—You can merge two or more contiguous curves into a single curve.
Split a curve ( Split Curve)—You can split a curve into two by selecting a point on the curve.
Delete curves—You can select a curve in the graphics window or on the GTS Tree and delete it. When you delete a 3D curve or a UV-curve, the curve and all constraints associated with the curve are deleted.
Align curves ( Align)—You can use the align tool to create new constraints for a curve.