To Create a UV-Curve Through Points
1. Select a surface in the graphics window or on the GTS tree, on which you want to create a curve.
You can select only one surface to create the curve.
2. Click the arrow next to UV-Curves on the Create tab and click UV-Curve through Points. The natural domain of the surface is displayed, along with its trimming boundaries. The UV-Curve Through Points tab opens and the selected surface is added to the Surface collector.
3. Select a location on the natural domain of the surface for creating the curve. The pointer snaps to the following entities on the surface:
Trimmed boundary edges of surfaces
Natural boundary edges of surfaces
Vertices of surfaces on the natural or trimmed boundary
Existing UV curves belonging to the same surface
The preview of the curve is displayed only after you select two points.
Hold down the CTRL key to select the points on the surface.
You cannot snap to datum points lying on the surface.
4. To remove a point, right-click the point in the Points collector and click Remove on the shortcut menu. The curve changes shape to maintain smoothness.
5. Click on the UV-Curve Through Points tab to create the curve through points.