About Varied Items for Flexible Components
Varied items define component flexibility. You define these dimensions or features in the original part. The following varied items can be defined:
Components (for flexible subassemblies)
Dimension values, tolerances, and boundaries
Features, suppressed, resumed or erased state of features
Geometric tolerances (part of Annotations)
Surface finishes
The Varied Items dialog box opens when you:
Add a flexible component to an assembly
Add flexibility to a component
Redefine an existing flexible component
Select the appropriate tabs in the Varied Items dialog box to define or redefine varied items. You can redefine, add new, or remove existing varied items. Assign values to the varied items to define component flexibility in the assembly.
Use the following filter options to control the presentation of varied items in the dialog box:
The presentation of varied items properties in the dialog box can be customized. Click to add or customize varied item columns.
You cannot create a flexible item for a parameter driven by a relation.