To Define a Flexible Component in a Subassembly
1. Open an assembly.
2. In the Model Tree, right-click the subassembly with the component you want to make flexible, and choose Flexible Component > Make Flexible from the shortcut menu. The subassembly becomes active in the graphics window, and the Component Placement tab opens with the Varied Items dialog box open.
3. Click Components. You are prompted to select the component to be made flexible.
4. Select the component and click . The component is added to the components list.
5. Select Resumed or Suppressed from the New Status list to define the status of the newly flexible component in the assembly.
6. Scroll to the Mechanism exclude column, click in the table cell, and select Included or Excluded from the list to include or exclude the component from the assembly during dragging operations.
7. Click a tab to define any of the following varied items:
Geometric Tolerances
Surface Finishes
8. Click OK to apply the changes.
9. Click .
The subassembly with the flexible component is identified by in the Model Tree.