To Exclude a Flexible Component During Dragging Operations
1. Open an assembly.
2. Select the component in the Model Tree or in graphics window, right-click and choose from the shortcut menu. The Component Placement tab opens.
3. Click Flexibility > Varied Items. The Varied Items dialog box opens.
4. Click to add an item with varied Dimensions, if none exists.
5. Select an option from the Method list other than Value. The appropriate Method dialog box opens.
6. Click Definition and select entities in the assembly to drive the value.
Defining the flexibility of a component as the distance between two assembly components enables the component to be updated to a new position in the assembly. The component is excluded from the assembly for the duration of the dragging operation and regenerated to a new position when the dragging operation ends.
7. Click OK.
8. Click .
9. Click OK.
10. Click .