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To Define a Drill Group
1. To access the Drill Group functionality, click Drill Group on the Manufacturing, Mill, or Turn tab. The Drilling Group dialog box that enables selection of holes to be included in a drill set opens.
Alternatively, access the Drill Group functionality from the Process Managerby clicking Insert > Geometry Reference > Drill Group > Create
2. Use the Definition tab for automatic selection of hole axes by applying rules or select hole axes manually.
When you use the following rules, hole axes are selected automatically:
Rule: diameters—Holes of the specified diameter are selected.
Rule: surfaces—Holes on the specified surface are selected and the selected surfaces are displayed in the Surfaces collector.
Rule: parameters—Holes of specified feature parameters are selected.
You can select hole axes manually using the following methods:
Patterned Axes—Select holes in a pattern.
Individual Axes—Select individual holes for the drill group.
Excluded Axes—Exclude holes from the drill group.
Alternatively, right-click the graphics window and select Hole Diameters, Holes on Surfaces, Pattern of Axes, Individual axes, or Excluded axes from the shortcut menu.
The Holes summary collector displays the number of holes selected for the drill group and clicking the Preview button next to the collector displays the machining direction in the graphics window.
3. Click to save the changes.
The method of selecting holes for a drill group and hole set is the same. For details, see To Define an Axes Set