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About Drill Groups
You can define groups of hole axes at setup time for later use in Holemaking NC sequences. Drill Groups allow you to:
Simplify the hole selection. Once a Drill Group is defined, it can be selected for any Holemaking NC sequence by just selecting its name from a namelist menu.
Modify Holemaking NC sequences by adding or excluding holes. Modifying a Drill Group will automatically update all NC sequences that reference this group.
Use the Drilling Group dialog box to select holes to be included in a drill set. This dialog box is an abbreviated version of the Holes dialog box and opens when you click Drill Group on the Manufacturing, Mill, or Turn tab. The mechanism of hole selection for Drill Group is the same as when creating a Hole Set. The Definition tab in the Drilling Group lets you select holes to be included in the Drill Group. The Properties tab displays the Name (with a default name such as DRILL_GROUP_1) in a text box and clicking the Information button on this tab displays information on the drill group feature.