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To Define an Axes Set
1. On the References tab, select Axes from the Type list when defining a Holemaking NC sequence.
2. Select the required axes to add them to the Hole Set. The number of axes selected forms a set, which is displayed in the Holes tabbed page of the Holes dialog box. You can add multiple sets of axes.
3. Click the Details button. The Holes dialog box opens.
4. On the Holes tabbed page, select the following types of axes:
Rule-based Axes—Contains the following tabs with which you can define additional features for holes:
Rule: diameters—Specifies holes when you enter one or more diameter values. All Hole or round Slot features of the specified diameter are automatically included.
Rule: surfaces—Specifies holes when you select surfaces of the reference part or workpiece. All Hole or round Slot features on the selected surfaces are automatically included.
Rule: drill groups—Selects predefined drill groups.
Rule: parameters—Selects holes with a certain parameter value.
Patterned Axes—Indicates that you want all the pattern members to be drilled. Subsequently, select any axis belonging to a pattern
Individual Axes—Select individual axes to add to the Hole set.
Excluded Axes—Select axes to exclude from the Hole set. The excluded axes are added to the Excluded Axes collector except in the case of Individual Axes. When you exclude an individual axis using the CTRL and LMB keys, the axis is excluded from the hole set but not added to the Excluded Axes collector.