About Creo Harness Manufacturing
With Creo Harness Manufacturing (HMX), you can automatically create a manufacturing drawing for a 3D harness with little manual intervention. You can also specify a drawing border format for the drawing. The HMX tool automates following processes:
Extracts the 3D topology of the routed harness from its associated 3D geometry
Transforms the 3D topology to a 2D representation
Displays the 2D representation as a 2D drawing with a default border
Adds manufacturing information to annotate the drawing
You can modify the manufacturing drawing without changing the 3D harness; however, the changes made to the drawing are not reflected in the 3D geometry. If you modify the 3D harness, you must close the current drawing and re-flatten the harness, to generate a new manufacturing drawing. This method of regeneration eliminates the overhead of maintaining the MFG file.
A harness is a collection of electrically active components, such as wires, cables, connectors, and terminals, which has a contiguous topology. The components are bundled together using mechanical protection, such as tubing or braid. The components share one or more location points.
A sub-harness is a subset of a wire harness comprising wires or cables only. The wires or cables are topologically contiguous and may be bound together with tubing or braid, or share one or more location points.
You must have a Cabling and Piping license to access and use Creo Harness Manufacturing.