Recommendations When Modeling a 3D Harness
Consider the following recommendations when modeling a 3D harness for use with HMX:
Avoid close loop topographies where possible.
Associate all components to a location point on the harness to include them for harness flattening. For example, backshells and tie-wraps must reference a harness location.
Avoid incomplete wires, that is the wires that do not terminate to an entry port at both ends, or are not continuous. The incomplete wires are shown as and are ignored during the flattening process.
Avoid unterminated wires, that is those incomplete wires that terminate only at one entry port.
Ensure the selected harness does not contain any failed or suppressed features.
Avoid external references where possible. You should correct any lost references prior flattening the harness.
Ensure that the units of the assembly, harness part, spools and drawing are consistent and are either mm or inches.
Regenerate the harness and resolve any warnings prior flattening.
Ensure all spool units match mm or inches.
Ensure spool units, harness units match the configuration option pro_unit_length.
Keep branch junctions simple that is at the most three locations, and all cables passing through them.
Where possible avoid two or more breaks in a connector.
Ensure configuration option pro_symbol_dir is modifiable by the user in the session.