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About Lighting Setups in Views
The lighting setup for a view affects the appearance of light, shadow and color in lit render modes. A view opens with one of these lighting options set as default:
Single Light
2 Lights
3 Lights
Headlight is the default option. You can change the default in the Creo View Options dialog box under Defaults > Model > Lighting.
All predefined lighting setups except Headlight can be customized through the user interface or by editing the following XML file.
You can also add or delete custom lighting setups to the XML file. Any lighting setups you add to the XML file will appear in the lighting setup list in the user interface.
Custom lighting setups are used in published models saved to 2D raster image formats.
They are also retained in exported 3D file formats that display surface shading.
You can adjust the selected lighting and change the default lighting selection in Creo View, and you can view saved appearance in Creo View Lite and Creo View Express.