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About Customizing Lighting Setups
You can customize all predefined lighting setups (except Headlight) in the Creo View user interface or by editing the LightScenes.xml file. The file is located in the following location:
Customizing through the user interface is simple and limited. Editing the XML file is more complex, but gives you more flexibility, including the ability to add lighting setups. Information about using the Creo View client follows. For information about editing the XML file, see the section “About Editing the LightScenes.xml File” below.
You can also change the default lighting setup for new views. (See To Change the Default Lighting Setup.)
The settings for lighting are saved with the view. You can customize and save one lighting setup per view.
Custom light settings are retained in published views and saved to 2D raster image formats. They are also retained in exported 3D file formats that display surface shading.
In the Creo View user interface, you can customize predefined lighting setups.
You can only customize one predefined lighting setup per view.
Selecting a second lighting setup to customize causes the first lighting setup to revert to its original settings.
You can change the Ambient, Specular, and Diffuse settings for the selected lighting setup.
You can add shadows to the view.
Your custom lighting setup is saved with the current view. Each view in the file can have a different custom lighting setup. You can only customize the Headlight setting using the XML file.
About Editing the LightScenes.xml File
Edit markup in LightScenes.xml to change settings for the three predefined light setups:
Single Light
2 Lights
3 Lights
(The settings for Headlight are not encoded in the XML file.) When you save the XML file, the settings in it become the new predefined light setups. Then, you can customize the setups in the user interface as described above.