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To Customize Lighting Setups
Perform the steps below to customize the predefined lighting setups, Single Light, 2 Lights, or 3 Lights, in the Creo View user interface.
You can also customize lighting setups by editing the LightScenes.xml file located here:
The lighting setups in this XML file load on startup. For editing instructions, see LightScenes XML File in the Creo View Installation and Configuration Guide.
1. In the Home > Display group, select a lighting setup.
2. Open the lighting setup list again and click Custom. The Custom dialog box opens.
3. Drag the sliders to lighten or darken the Ambient, Diffuse, or Specular lighting.
The view shows a live preview as you change the light settings.
4. Click OK to save your changes to the selected lighting setup and exit, or click Cancel to exit without saving.