Working with Markups > Annotations > To Create an Annotation
To Create an Annotation
1. On the ribbon, click Markup, and then click an annotation type. To select a subtype, click the arrow under the annotation type. The pointer becomes an annotation pointer.
2. Place the annotation using the corresponding placement method. When you create an annotation that includes a note, the Note dialog box opens.
3. For note and Gtol anotations, type the note and select the Font Size, Font Color, and Background Color, and then click OK.
4. To connect an annotation to another item, draw a leader line with vertices on the items to connect. For instance, draw from a surface polygon to a note to connect all three items.
To connect using an existing leader line, drag the vertices to the items to connect. You cannot connect a leader line by dragging it as a whole.
To disconnect a leader line, drag the entire line away.
5. To insert attribute information into a note, see To Insert an Attribute Name, Value, or Both.
6. Select Expanded text to view one line of text for each referenced part. See Example: Expanded Text for more information.
7. For Gtol annotations, define the required parameters.
8. Click Apply Template to apply an annotation template to the note.