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About Relocating and Reorienting Parts
You can drag selected parts in the graphics area to translate them, rotate them, or both. Move parts to communicate design intent and reveal hidden geometry. The Transform tool has a combined dragger for translating, rotating and scaling parts. Use it to perform most of the standard movement operations. The Free Rotation spins the selected parts around their center freely or with constraints. Choose your strategy based on the level of precision you require. You can also rotate or transform a part in the following ways:
Type values for Translation and Rotation on the Location tab of the Part Properties dialog box.
Relocate and reorient objects using Mate mode in the Assemble tool.
The Smart Explode tool moves parts along a specific axis and coordinate system to quickly create exploded views. You can use the Preset Explode function only if the source data has previously-saved, top-level explode states defined. The Smart Explode tool is not available in Edit Structure mode.
You can also save some location changes to Windchill. For more information, see the Windchill Help.