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About Assembling Entities
Use the Assemble tool to accurately change the location or the orientation or both of one or more parts, groups, or assemblies in a model. Select the entities to move, and then define an origin and a destination coordinate system. The Origin CSYS is the reference point for the selected entities. The Destination CSYS is the reference point for the entities’ new locations. The selected entities move as one rigid body. Use the linear and rotational offsets to fine-tune the position of the moved entities.
The reference collector in the Selection group shows the number of selected entities by type. You can view a list of the selected entities in the Selection dialog box, and you can remove entities from the list.
You can use the Structure Edit tool to insert new parts, groups, or assemblies into a structure, and then you can use the Assemble tool to position them.
You can also save some location changes to Windchill. For more information, see the Windchill Help.