Creating Views > Exploded Views > To Perform a Smart Explode
To Perform a Smart Explode
1. Click Tools > Smart Explode. The Smart Explode tab opens.
2. Click Add Selected and select one or more parts. The selected parts are highlighted on the representation and appear in the Explode list.
3. Choose an explode type from the Add Selected list.
Smart Add—Automatically adds the selected parts as single or coupled.
Add Single Parts—Add parts to explode individually.
Add Coupled—Add parts to move together.
4. Set the following options under Direction:
CSYS—Sets the coordinate system.
Axis—Sets the axis along which to move parts.
Bidirectional—Move the parts in opposite directions along the selected axis.
5. In the Options group, set from the following parameters as required:
Set the explosion Anchor option:
Model Center (default)
Non-Exploding Parts—Sets a center that is calculated based on non-exploding parts.
Select from Graphics Area—Sets a user-defined reference point on the structure.
Explode clear of all parts—Moves all exploding parts until their bounding boxes do not overlap.
6. To preview the explode, click Preview. Click Preview again to undo the preview.
7. To approve the operation and create another one, click Apply, or to approve the operation and exit the Smart Explode tool, click OK.
8. To save the new locations of the parts, click Home > Capture Location and choose an option, otherwise click Home > Restore Location and choose an option.
9. To save the location changes to Windchill, click File > Save Part Locations.
10. Click Cancel to close the Smart Explode tool and return to the Home tab.