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About Highlighting and Isolating Objects
In Creo View ECAD you can highlight selected objects to emphasize them. In PCB Layout view you can also isolate objects.
Isolate—Dims the surrounding objects and displays the selected objects at full intensity
Highlight—Applies a different color on top of the selected objects. It does not change the underlying color and visibility settings for the object type
In Creo View Lite highlighting and isolation are read-only. You can highlight these objects:
Test points
Mechanical holes
Apply a solid highlight to cover the objects’ color, or select a dashed highlight to keep the color visible underneath. When one or more highlighted objects overlap, their display is controlled by the Overlap Color setting. You can refine selections to highlight or isolate by performing these actions:
Limit your selection to visible sublayers or allow the selection of related geometries on other sublayers.
View and edit a list of the highlighted or isolated objects to modify the display.
In schematic views, only the Highlight tool is available. When you highlight an object in a schematic view, all of the associated objects, such as lines, symbols, and text, are also highlighted. When you highlight a fractured component or a net that spans multiple sheets, the first instance is shown. When you highlight objects on an undisplayed sheet, you must navigate to the sheet to view the highlighting.