Creating Views > Highlighting and Isolating ECAD Objects > To Isolate Objects
To Isolate Objects
1. Click Home, and then click the arrow next to Isolate. The Isolate menu opens.
2. To define the objects available for isolation, select one of these options:
By Visibility
By Selection
3. To set the dimming level for the rest of the objects in the design, perform these actions:
a. Click Home > Isolate > Dimming.
The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
b. Next to the Dimming level, adjust the slider between Dim and Bright, or select a brightness level from the box.
c. To apply your setting to other views or to the default setting, select one or both of these options:
Apply To All Views
Apply To Defaults
d. Click OK. The dimming level is set.
4. To toggle the display of logical connections for isolated routes, click Home > Isolate, and then select or clear the Show Logical Connections option.
5. Select one or more objects to isolate, and then click Home > Isolate > Isolate. The objects are isolated.
The Isolate button removes any previous highlighting on the selected objects.