Creating Views > Highlighting and Isolating ECAD Objects > To Highlight Objects
To Highlight Objects
1. Click Home, and then click the arrow next to Highlight. The Highlight menu opens.
2. To define the objects available for highlighting in PCB Layout views, select one of these options:
By Visibility
By Selection
3. To set the highlight color, perform these actions:
a. Click Home > Highlight > Define Highlight Color. The Choose Color dialog box opens.
b. Select a color and click OK.
4. To set the highlight style, click Home > Highlight, and then select or deselect the Dashed Highlight option.
5. In the graphics area or on the substructure tab, select one or more objects to highlight.
6. Click Home > Highlight > Highlight. The selected objects are highlighted.
You can also right-click the graphics area and choose Highlight > Highlight from the shortcut menu.