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About the ECAD Measurement User Interface
You can make measurements in PCB Layout views. When you create an ECAD distance measurement, you must select the references from the graphics area. For the other ECAD measurements you can select references from the graphics area or from the Structure Tree. In Creo View Lite you can only measure distance. In Creo View, you can measure these dimensions:
Summary—All dimensions of a single object. For circular objects, the diameter is included.
Distance—You can measure distance between these elements:
Two points
Two edges
Two object vertices
An edge and a vertex
An edge and a center
A vertex and a center
You can also measure between the centers of these objects:
Route centerlines
You can limit your selections to be on the same layer or the same object. When Same Layer is checked and you select an object, the objects on the other layer are dimmed. When Same Object is checked and you select an element on an object, all other objects are dimmed.
Minimum Gap—Dielectric span between the edges of two objects. In some cases, such as between two large planes or conductive figures or between two long routes, more than one result can exist. You can select objects on any sublayer to measure the shortest path associated with them. Measure the minimum gap between objects that are located on the same layer or objects that have common layers, such as padstacks. When two objects such as a pin with several pin pads have components on several layers, find the minimum gap on each layer, and then choose the shortest result. You can scroll through all results in the Measure Minimum Gap dialog box. You can limit your selections to be on visible sublayers only.
Conductive Path—Minimum electrical path between the centers of two padstacks on the same net and the same layer. After you select the first object, all padstacks on other nets are unavailable. The resulting measurement path is shown using a white line in the graphics area.