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About the Display of Measurements
The display of a measurement is made up of one or more of these components:
Label—A box with the type of measurement and the value
Leader line—A line from the label to the witness line
Witness line—A graphical representation of the measurement, in the form of a line or arc
Dimension arrows—Arrows on the witness line indicating the end points of the measurement
Projection lines—Lines from the end points of the measurement to the witness line
Center of Gravity—A graphical symbol representing the location of the center of gravity
Measurements are associated with the parts they are connected to. If you move a component that contains a measured reference, the associated measurement is dynamically updated.
In some cases of distance measurement, the re-calculation may take too long to be dynamically updated. When this happens, the measurement label will display “In Progress” in place of the distance value. Once you have finished moving the component, the measurement will be re-calculated and displayed.
Measurement associativity is off by default. To enable measurement associativity, see To Set Measurement Options.
For MCAD distance and angle measurements and for ECAD distance, minimum gap, and conductive path measurements, you can adjust the display of the measurement result, the witness lines, and the dimension arrows.
You can reposition the label and the leader line. In a view the default color for all leader lines, witness lines, dimension arrows, and projection lines is red. You can assign a new color and a different size font for the default or for the active view. The font size and color are properties of the view and they are saved as part of the file.