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Move groups of faces radially
You can radially move multiple features, such as bore holes, all at once. Simply create one or more groups, which may consist of one or more faces, and move them along lines extending radially from the axis through group-specific reference points. Feature groups need not be aligned with each other nor have a common distance from the axis.
To move groups of faces radially,
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Modify 3D group, click More.
2. Click Radial Move in the Modify section. The Radial Move dialog box opens.
3. Select the Center Axis from which you want to move each group of features.
4. Create a list of the first group of features you wish to move with respect to the center axis. You may select faces or recognized features. If you use recognized features, the associated options are the same as those in the Move command.
5. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling may specify the group's Ref. Position automatically, or you can select your own. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling moves your feature group along a radial line between the center axis and the reference point.
You can toggle between Realistic and Quick to see either realistic feedback or quick feedback while moving a face or a feature in the viewport. See Realistic feedback.
6. Click New Group.
7. Continue creating groups of features or click Done.
8. Redo Blend: Allow the operation to make automatic adjustments to blends. Click Control to specify the blends to redo.
9. The Upd Rels option is available when the Parametrics module is active. Select this option to update relations with your changes.
10. Drag the feature groups to new positions using the 3D CoPilot.
11. Click to complete the operation.