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Move annotations
You can dynamically move an existing annotation in four ways:
In Plane: Moves the anno in two dimensions, along the X- and Y-axes within its current plane.
Through Plane: Moves the anno in a normal direction (Z-axis) to its current plane. Note that this option has no effect when moving annos attached to docuplanes.
Stretch: Moves the anno along the dimension line; that is, you can stretch the anno's leader line.
Perpendicular: Moves the anno perpendicularly to its current position.
Reset: Resets generic text, 3D Notes, GD&T symbols and other custom features back to their initial creation positions. If applied to chain dimensions, it realigns the individual members of the chain (coordinate or baseline dimension) to the zero dimension.
You can preselect annotations by simply left-clicking the appropriate annotation, and then right-clicking to display the command menu.
To move an annotation,
1. Click 3D Documentation and then, in the Annotate group, click Position. The Modify Position dialog box opens.
2. Click the annotation to move, or select multiple annotations.
3. Clear the Chained check box to move the individual dimension clicked rather than the entire chain. This is relevant when you want to move coordinate and baseline dimensions.
4. Click one of the move options described above (under Mode).
5. Click a new position for the annotation (except with Reset mode which automatically repositions the annotation). If the reference line contains intermediate points, the label will only move with respect to the nearest one.
6. Continue moving annotations, or click to complete the operation.
While you move a label, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays graphical feedback to show its current position.