Create and modify 3D models > Make a 3D model > Realistic feedback
Realistic feedback
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling shows immediate visual feedback that realistically changes as you drag the 3D CoPilot to perform an operation on a 3D model in the viewport. With realistic feedback, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling dynamically performs the actual operation as you drag the 3D CoPilot. If the operation is completed while dragging the model, the modified model is shown; otherwise quick feedback is shown as you drag the 3D CoPilot. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling shows the modified model when you stop dragging the 3D CoPilot.
For example, the first image below shows the realistic feedback when you use Move to modify a model. The second image shows a quick feedback. For all commands except Pull, you can choose either realistic feedback or quick feedback when you perform the operation. For details, see Realistic Feedback in the Move command. For Pull, you can choose realistic feedback in the Modeling Settings before performing the operation.
If you stop (finish) dragging the 3D CoPilot, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling makes calculations for realistic feedback. For complex models, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling needs more time to calculate realistic feedback. You can click to interrupt the calculation and make changes to the model.
If the realistic feedback fails, a specific cursor () is displayed and the quick feedback is displayed in the viewport.
You can toggle the default settings between Realistic Feedback and Quick Feedback in Modeling Settings.