Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > View update settings
View update settings
To change View Update settings,
1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Update Mode. The Default Settings browser opens with Update (View) settings. You can set the following default values for view updates. Most of the settings are intuitive and have a good description in the default settings browser, but it may be helpful to review the linked topics below.
Check for up-to-date views
You can suppress the check for up-to-date views that is normally done with every update operation. It can take some minutes for Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to perform this check for very large drawings.
Create center lines
Create symmetry lines
Recreate elements during update
Update external base point dimension
Update colors
Equal 3D
Update 3D
New 3D
Changed docu 3D
Transferred 2D
Update 2D
Recreated 2D
Face part handling
View update calculation mode setting
Graphic resolution
View update calculation mode setting
Preferred Size
Clash Handling
Marked Pressfits will handle defined pressfits without clashing.
Auto Recognition will create predictable view update results even when parts accidentally clash; edges that belong to clashing faces in 3D are represented as fully visible lines in the 2D drawing. Using this option may inhibit view update performance.