Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Turn 3D models into 2D drawings > Update a view > Update a view
Update a view
If, after you have created a drawing of your model, you make changes to the 3D model, you can incorporate those changes in your drawings simply by updating the views.
To update a view,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Setup group, click Update View. The Update dialog box opens.
2. Select one of the following:
Drawing — To update all views of a drawing.
Click Forced Update on to force Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to update views whether or not they need updating.
Sheet — To update all views on a specific sheet.
Enter the sheet number in the Sheet data entry field, click the sheet, or select the sheet from the Drawing Browser.
View(s) — To update one or more views.
Click View and then click the view(s), or select the view(s) from the Drawing Browser.
3. Click the Forced Update box to force Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to update an up-to-date view.
4. Click to complete the operation.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation performs the update according to the option selected.
When updating a set of docuplanes, update all the docuplane views to maintain the relationships among them.
If the EconoFast update setting is active, it is possible that your screen will flash during the update. This because a viewport is redrawn for each view being updated. See the next section for more information. If your computer graphics card supports off-screen rendering, the screen will not flash.
You can use a shortcut alternative to update views:
Preselect one or more views, right-click, and select Update View from the context menu.
Right-click a drawing, sheet, or view(s) in the Drawing Browser and select Update all Views.
The view update colors
When a new view is updated for the first time, all geometry is shown in the New 3D color, cyan by default. If the view is an existing view that has been updated again, the geometry is color-coded according to the status of the updated geometry. For example, if you have created and updated a view and then returned to Creo Elements/Direct Modeling to modify the 3D model, another update flags the modified geometry in a user-definable color.
The meaning of the update colors is as follows:
Equal 3D
Unchanged geometry (Default color: Magenta)
Update 3D
Changed 3D geometry (Default color: Yellow)
New 3D
New 3D geometry (Default color: Cyan)
Chg Doc 3D
Changed 3D documentation, such as 3D Notes and GD&T labels
(Default color: Orange)
Transfrd 2D
Transferred 2D elements (Default color: Green)
Update 2D
Updated 2D elements (Default color: Blue)
Recreate 2D
Regenerated 2D elements: This is 2D associated geometry that is no longer present in the updated view. For some types of dimensioning, if view geometry has been deleted, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation adds vertex points to indicate the deleted dimension reference points.
(Default color: Red)
To display the update colors,
1. Right-click in the viewport and click Show Settings in the context menu. The Show dialog box opens.
2. Click Upd Color.
In limited 2D Associativity mode, the Equal 3D, Update 3D, and New 3D colors are NOT set, in order to save time. To set association modes, see Change properties of an existing view.