Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > View update calculation mode setting
View update calculation mode setting
You can instruct Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to update views using different modes. To update Calculation Mode setting,
1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Update Mode. The Default Settings browser opens with Update Mode settings.
2. Double-click Calculation Mode under Update Mode. You can set the following options:
In Classic update mode: Creo Elements/Direct Annotation calculates the visibility of all model elements before calculating the view geometry.
In Graphics update mode: Creo Elements/Direct Annotation derives the drawing from the graphical data generated for visualization of the model. Where necessary, the algorithm also refines the graphical information on the fly. For large models, the graphics update mode will typically be faster than classic mode.
In Shaded update modes: Creo Elements/Direct Annotation displays a picture of your model. You can select among different shaded modes that incorporate the algorithms of classic or graphics update modes, or generate only an image without dimensionable geometry.
For more information on view calculation modes, see Change properties of an existing view