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Section view settings
Section views are a powerful way to describe 3D models in 2D. You can change the default appearance of the lines and labels such as length, leader style, arrow style, position.
The picture shows the meaning of section view terms.
1. Section line geometry
2. Section line leader
3. Section line label
4. Section view label
5. Section line segment
To change Section View settings,
1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Settings. The Default Settings browser opens with View settings.
2. Expand Section.
3. Expand Appearance, Other, or Temporary Auxiliary Lines.
You can set the following default values for section views. Most of the settings are intuitive and have a good description in the default settings browser, but it may be helpful to review the linked topics below.
Line style settings
Line style settings
Mode of End Segment. Double-click Mode of End Segment and choose Segment overlap, Segment no overlap, or None.
Segment overlap — extends the section line outside the leader by the value of segment length
The illustration shows line A, with overlap, line B, without overlap, and line C, with none.
Segment length
Line style settings
Leader Mode: Leader to causes the arrow to point toward the section line. Leader from causes the arrow to point away from the section line.
Leader length
Set dimension arrow attributes
Contents of label views
Position: TOP places the label level with the start of the leader, TOP_SIDE places the label level with the start of the leader, but offset to one side, and BOTTOM_SIDE places the label level with the end of the leader (the arrow end) and offset to one side.
Name Format
Text Style
View label
Text Type
Label Prefix
Name Format
Label Style
Text Style
Includes Scale: Automatic includes the section view scale in the label only when it is not equal to the default scale factor of the sheet, Yes includes the section view scale in the label, and No does not include the section view scale in the label.
Line style settings— These inner lines occur in section views defined by multiple section line segments.
Change the view positioning strategy
Add Symmetry and Centerlines
You can set Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to create symmetry and centerlines on cylindrical or conical faces automatically. Creo Elements/Direct Annotation will add the geometry in the update process. The options are:
Selecting a view profile will override this option.
Temporary Auxiliary Lines:
When creating a section view, you can choose how to display the temporary auxiliary lines:
Relative to the parent view's rotation angle.
You can set the appearance of the temporary auxiliary lines that appear while you create section lines. Setting the value for Enable to On directs Creo Elements/Direct Annotation to draw vertical and horizontal lines through the centers of all circles on the parent view. The lines disappear when you complete the section line.
Set the following options:
Enable Arcs
Include View Angle