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Change the view positioning strategy
Sometimes you may want to control the positioning strategy for selected views during update. In particular, you may want to move a detail border relative to its parent view but maintain its position on the drawing. For example, you may prefer to have the center of the updated view to remain on the same sheet position as the old view center. The default update behavior of this functionality is that the same geometric elements stay at the same position. This means that moving the detail border results in a corresponding move of the detail view on the sheet. The effect of this is shown in the following figure.
1. Shows the parent view together with a detail view when you first create a detail view.
2. Positioning strategy set to Geometry Position. Here, the detail view is moved the same horizontal distance that the detail border is moved.
3. Positioning strategy set to View Center Position. Here, the center of view of the detail view is maintained.
To change the view positioning strategy,
1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Settings. The Default Settings browser opens with View settings.
2. Expand Detail, or Section.
3. Expand Other.
4. Double-click Positioning Strategy.
Position strategy center with views
Detail: Click Preserve View Center button on the Detail View dialog box to keep the position of the detail view when its border is moved.
Partial: Use the View Properties menu to change the position center after you create a partial view.
Section: Use the Preserve View Center on the Section View dialog box to keep the position of the section view when its border is moved.